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About us

We wanted a change

Working in various clinics, we found a pattern: frustration, anxiety, misunderstanding, and stigma in the faces of those we care for most: our neurodivergent peers and clients. Through common passions and distinct strengths, we put our brains and hearts together to develop these services, rooted in clinical competence and evidence, motivated by compassion and genuine interest in the wellbeing of others. Whether it's identifying strengths and strategies to manage personal affairs, improve effectiveness with social interactions, developing confidence in the community, learning how to self-soothe, embrace transitions and changes, or being more efficient at work in school, we wanted to help. 

Bridge into the Woods



1. "Separate from another route, especially a main one, and go in a different direction."

2. "In mathematics: relating to or being an infinite sequence that does not have a limit."


"To empower neurodivergent individuals to embrace their own life path and thrive in their community."


Neurodivergent individuals aged 16-100. Most common identities/conditions:

  • autism

  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)

  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)

  • chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)

  • mental illness

  • executive dysfunction 

  • no diagnosis who want to improve their executive functioning, organization, and effectiveness at home and/or work

*We believe that self-diagnosis and questioning is valid*

we practice...

neurodiversity-affirming care

We believe that variation in human brain function is normal. We assume that variations are not inherently deficits that need to be "fixed." This is not to suggest that all variation is beneficial for that individual or even benign, but instead an acknowledgement that variation can produce both strengths and limitations.

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trauma-informed care

We assume that persons are more likely than not to have experienced trauma. We believe that trauma is individually defined and can affect any and all aspects of everyday life. We prioritize creating and maintaining a safe space for exploration and growth, as you define it. 



We embrace a positive view of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Pangender, Intersex, Asexual, Polyamorous+ identities and relationships. We strongly believe there is no "right way" to be or love and that all identities are equally valid and important.  

Our culture is rooted in




Meet the Team


Co-Founder and Occupational Therapist

Rachel Robertson, MOT, OTR/L, CBIS

Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Rachel Robertson (she/her) co-founded Diverge with the vision of empowering others to live their best lives, as they define them, without barriers. Rachel completed her professional training in Occupational Therapy at Eastern Michigan University after receiving her bachelor’s in neuroscience and psychology from the University of Michigan Honors School.


As a therapist, Rachel always strives to create a positive and collaborative environment for clients to help foster meaningful and lasting change. She embraces a strengths-first approach and uses current evidence to guide her individualized and client-based treatment plans. Knowing that the client is the expert in their own life, Rachel serves as a guiding partner and advocate. Rachel has extensive experience and training in both acute and long-term traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, mental illness, ASD, and I/DD. She loves to learn and is dedicated to providing effective, current, and evidenced-based treatments through continuous training pertaining to areas within her practice.


Through personal life challenges, Rachel has become deeply resilient and creative, allowing her to embrace change and see daily problems differently. Rachel’s energy, optimism, and genuine compassion for her clients sets her apart from others. When she’s not seeing clients, she is likely spending time with her corgi and husband, Eric, hiking, listening to podcasts, or making sawdust in her workshop.

Meyer Briggs: ENFJ-A;

Clifton Strengths: Empathy, Positivity, Developer, Maximizer, and Learner


Staff corgi and receptionist

Caira the Corgi

Certified Cutie

Caira received her basic manners certification at City Pets Vet Clinic in 2018 and then went on to foster a community presence throughout Washtenaw County through regular visits to county parks and evening walks. Caira's mission in life is to make everyone she meets feel like the most important person in the world. She's extremely gifted at chasing and catching balls, digging holes, and unwrapping presents. She doesn't have her license in occupational therapy but she sure knows how to improve quality of life. Caira eagerly awaits her opportunity to serve you. 


Co-Founder and Occupational Therapist

Stephanie Olszewski, MOT, OTR/L, CASDCS

Certified Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist 

Certified Star Institute for Sensory Processing Proficiency Level 1

Stephanie (she/her) co-founded Diverge Community Services with the vision to provide client-centered and individualized treatment for any individual, believing ALL HUMANS deserve to live their lives joyfully and to the fullest. Stephanie completed her professional training in Occupational Therapy at Eastern Michigan University while receiving her combined bachelor’s  psychology from the universities Honors College.

In her professional career, she has worked with ages 0-91 adults as an occupational therapist in a variety of clinic and school settings. Her passion for helping other understand their diverse abilities arose as a teenager when she was learning more about herself. Throughout her life she has received extensive training in the areas of sensory processing, neurological development, psychology, selective eating, and learning differences. Stephanie uses neurodiversity-affirming practices with a focus on relationship based modeling during treatment for connections and safety with individuals.


In her spare time, if she is not reading a new book you can find her walking her dogs or her horse in the forest. 

Meyer Briggs: INFP

Clifton Strengths: Relator, Achiever, Individualization, Learner, and Futuristic

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