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TIE-DYE Marie fundraiser

Donate to support low-income neurodivergent adults

In March 2023, we lost our dear friend, who we are calling "Marie" for her privacy, to suicide. We chose to call her Marie as she lovingly nicknamed everyone and everything "____" Marie. 

Marie was a late-realized neurodivergent woman who brought immense light and joy to every encounter. She was unlike anyone else you'd met before or since, with contagious laughter and zest for the ordinary. While that made her so lovably her, it also contributed to her sense of isolation. 

Marie spent a majority of her late days bleach dying and re-selling upcycled shirts and sweatshirts and learning about her neurodivergent self. It was a newfound purpose for her, though tragically, one that came too late. 

We are carrying on her tie dying tradition in her honor and starting this fundraiser to support the wellness of other neurodivergent adults who are often struggling in silence. 100% of fundraiser proceeds are used to provide access to wellness services for low-income neurodivergent adults. Learn more in FAQs below. We hope our tie dye brings you joy much like the joy hers brought to us. 



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Where does the fundraiser money go? All proceeds stay in a separate Diverge Fundraiser account and is used to subsidize and pay for low-income clients (based on the local poverty levels) and provide access to other necessary services and supplies to support their safety and wellbeing in the community. 

Can I donate without purchasing something? Absolutely and THANK YOU! You can fill out the form above and select how much you would like to donate. 

Are the sweatshirts cozy? Do you really think a neurodivergent company would pick a sweatshirt that wasn't? Yes, this sweatshirt and all upcycled clothing passed Rachel's cozy inspection. That being said, everyone has distinct sensory preferences so what is cozy to us may not be for you. Our sweatshirts at 100% pre-shrunk cotton. 

How long is the fundraiser running? The fundraiser runs the whole month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month, so get your pre-orders in now before supplies run out! 

How much is shipping? We have flat-rate ground shipping to anywhere in the US. Everyone pays only $9.99 and arrives in 3-5 business days of shipping. 

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