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We are private pay. Please click below for pricing details. Some services may be reimbursable by insurance using Superbill.

Why Private Pay?

At Diverge, we are occupational therapists dedicated to meeting our community where it's at in real time by addressing unmet needs. We are focused on the quality of your life, as you define it, not insurance. 

Because insurance limits...


  • Requires a "qualified" diagnosis

  • Has age limitations

  • Must be prescribed by physician

  • Treatment must be "medically necessary"

  • Progress must be made in a "reasonable time frame" as defined by your insurance


  • You are limited to providers who are in your network

  • In-home services are limited to individuals following a hospitalization

Individualized care

  • Duration is determined by insurance caps

  • Treatment techniques must be approved by your insurance instead of your therapist

Private pay allows...


  • No prescription or diagnosis required

  • No age restrictions

  • Treatment is deemed "necessary" only by you

  • Won't be cut off if it takes you a little longer to meet your goals


  • Where your treatment happens

  • How long your treatment lasts

Individualized care

  • Duration is determined by your individualized needs, action plan, and means

  • Treatment techniques are recommended by your therapist and approved by you

What's Superbill?

superbill is essentially a detailed receipt of the services you received that is recognized by insurance companies. Submit this superbill to your insurance company and potentially get reimbursed for your services. * 


*We cannot guarantee partial or full reimbursement for any services rendered using Superbill.

Check with your insurer before using Superbill for the best shot at success. 

Still have questions?

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