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Funtonal Home Eval

1. Functional Home Safety Eval*

This evaluation focuses on assessing the fit between you and your environment. We will provide customized recommendations for maximizing independence, safety, and accessibility in your space.


2. Home Organization & Systems

This practical in-home evaluation is designed to assess the setup of your space and your organization strategies and their effectiveness in maximizing your participation in daily life.

Home Org and Systems

3. Comprehensive

OT Evaluation*

This comprehensive evaluation looks at you AND your environment. This assessment includes everything from options 1 + 2 plus an in-depth assessment of your routines and habits, executive functioning, emotion regulation, sensory processing, independent living skills, and social interaction skills. 

Comprehensive OT Eval

4. Neurodivergent Profile

This evaluation assesses your neurodivergent brain and behaviors to identify your strengths and challenges to help improve your day-to-day functioning. This evaluation was developed by our therapists and is unique to Diverge! 

Neurodivergent Profile
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